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Clinical leaders like you have the power to STOP the silence and give patients back their voice

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When combined with the VidaTalk app, patients and staff can instantly communicate in over 40 languages via touchscreen, typing, or finger drawing, reducing communication errors while fostering trust and satisfaction

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Expert Resources

Quick Implementation

Enjoy fast IT security reviews with VidaTalk’s PHI-free application, saving time and resources. Install the app on existing bedside tablets or any device with internet/cellular connection

Simple Setup

We assist with implementing and customizing VidaTalk, optimizing patient communication systems for your organization

Seamless Integration

VidaTalk integrates smoothly into your workflows, aiding in overcoming speech, hearing, and language barriers, increasing equitable healthcare experiences by ensuring effective communication with patients

Guided Onboarding

Use our templates to help establish daily patient communication plans, enabling easy organization-wide deployment within minutes

Comprehensive Training Support

We provide training resources and guidance during onboarding, ensuring staff proficiency in utilizing the VidaTalk app and Program. Our support continues throughout the rollout phase, guaranteering a smooth transition and maximizing the app’s effectiveness in your healthcare system

Report Outcomes Improvements

Minimize extended hospital stays and staff time, redirecting resources for enhanced patient care and operational efficiency