VidaTalk’s mission is to offer evidence-based solutions for patients challenged by communication impairments. We go beyond bridging speech and language gaps, addressing complex emotions, ensuring empathetic connections for vulnerable patients

Our Vision

VidaTalk envisions a future where every patient with a communication impairment or language barrier can connect deeply with their healthcare providers. We see a world where individual experiences and emotions are incorporated into patient care and navigated sensitively, ensuring patients clearly express their needs and emotions. By fostering compassionate understanding and support, VidaTalk transcends speech and language barriers.

Breaking Barriers From The Beginning

It began with the successful launch of the flagship EZ Board™ in 1999. This milestone year marked a lasting commitment to learning how the outcomes of critically ill patients are impacted by closing communication impairment gaps.

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Digital Communication Innovators

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Our Leadership Team

Lance S. Patak MD, MBA
Co-founder, Co-Inventor, Managing Member of Vidatak, LLC.

Dr. Patak brings a unique perspective to end user applications and insight on driving efficiencies with innovation across the continuum of care providers. Dr. Patak has worked previously as a nurse assistant, nurse technologist and unit secretary for 12 years in nursing homes and hospitals, as well as a Registered Nurse for 8 years. He is currently a practicing Pediatric Anesthesiologist. Dr. Patak has clear insight on each user’s ability to contribute to the patient care process and has in-depth knowledge of healthcare communication and its impact on care delivery and quality.

Bryan J. Traughber MD
Co-Founder, Vidatak, LLC.

Dr. Traughber has extensive research experience translating medical devices from bench to bedside. His expertise is predominately in the areas of image-guided therapy, drug delivery, molecular imaging, and healthcare informatics. His bioengineering and entrepreneurial skill sets have been critical in the strategic marketing and development processes surrounding all product lines at Vidatak. Given his substantial background in industry sponsored research and collaboration, his insight has been essential in navigating the competitive landscape with our potential development and commercialization partners.

Lisa D. Spencer BSocSc, MSc
Chief Experience Officer

Lisa is an executive with a customer-oriented approach to developing innovative product strategies and delivering exceptional customer experiences in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. She is a voice of the customer and has extensive experience in diagnostic software requirements, design controls, and regulatory compliance for medical software.

Bill Dunning
Chief Technology Officer

Bill has been involved in web and software development for many years. He has also been an effective cloud migration specialist for Google Cloud Platform, AWS and Azure cloud environments – moving from on-prem or existing cloud to new cloud hosting.

Kanika Sipp
Product Manager, MBA, POPM

Kanika Sipp is a certified product manager who has successfully managed a variety of projects for more than a decade. Most recently, she specialized in agile software development in the transportation and logistics industry. Her leadership has led to the delivery of multi-million dollar projects that transformed internal and customer processes through innovative software solutions. She maintains a customer-focused mindset that allows her to deliver the highest value-added features within time and cost constraints, increase efficiency, and improve the overall customer experience.