Never Miss a Word

These are some of the most common things patients express with the VidaTalk App. This is what’s being missed.

VidaTalk is a first-in-kind enterprise app helping patients and their caregivers overcome speech and language barriers to communicate effectively.

Computer Interpretation

Simple and intuitive autotranslation empowers staff and patients during routine care

Human Interpreters

Connects on-demand interpreters with evory language Access Vendor in every room

Instant Rollout

Installs on any WiFi device for secured and instant rollouts at every bedside.

Robust Analytics

Use analytics reports emboldens healthcare facilities to measure their impact on health disparities and take credit for quality care.

Speechless No More

Touch-to-speech interface provides a voice for the speechless.

Anywhere, Everywhere

Enterprise licensing offers unlimited access so even patients can install VidaTalk on their own devices.


How does VidaTalk work?

Watch our 2 minute video on
how VidaTalk works in
hospital spaces.

Saving Provider’s Time

While nurses still need to authenticate IS requests, with the VidaTalk Interpreter integrated feature, patients get to initiate the request which is a paradigm shift in autonomy and access.

Language Access During Routine Care

The Problem

Non-English speaking patients have 70% LESS verbal interactions with staff, leaving those patients vulnerable to missed pain or crucial changes in symptoms and conditions.

Our Solution

VidaTalk has over 40 language profiles built in with validated pre-set communications for routine care. VidaTalk ensures clear communication is always available for all– without being billed per minute.

Human Interpreters

The Problem

83% of nurses avoid using interpreters because they’re too difficult to access and is disruptive to their workflow. Interpreter-by-phone or video has increasing wait times and designated interpreter computers can be hard to track down, both taking crucial time away from overloaded nursing staff.

Our Solution

VidaTalk is installed on existing bedside tablets and providers phones, dramatically increasing the accessibility of human interpreters for every healthcare conversation.

BONUS! Because VidaTalk is an intuitive digital app, it can be securely installed overnight with virtually no training required. Patients can even download the app on their own devices! (using enterprise license)

Speech for the Speechless

The Problem

Intubated and trached patients resort to pointing and hand gestures to communicate with staff. Charades has no place in healthcare.

Our Solution

VidaTalk’s patented touch-to-talk interface allows speechless patients to communicate through the app. VidaTalk has included the most common healthcare statements, with big, easy buttons requiring very little dexterity.

VidaTalk provides customers with routine analytics reports so your facility can make smarter decisions about how to better utilize the variety of interpreter services accessible on the app.