Imagine a world where every patient, regardless of language spoken or speech impairment, can express their needs and concerns instantly.

Empower Communication

Ensure patients feel understood and respected by promptly identifying their communication needs, whether it’s arranging a translator or addressing simple bedside requests

Enhance Patient Safety & Experience

Enhance patient satisfaction and build trust in the healthcare system by ensuring every individual is understood and valued. Avoid higher risks of adverse events due to misunderstandings

Maximize Efficiency with Ease and Flexibility

Deploy VidaTalk across your entire organization in minutes, delivering universal speech and language access instantly

How VidaTalk Helps Patients

Watch our 2 minute video on
how VidaTalk impacts different
patient populations

Did You Know?

Patients with communication impairments are 3x more likely to experience adverse events 1

VidaTalk Promotes Equitable Care

VidaTalk promotes equitable care by giving every patient the power to express themselves fully. We foster nuanced conversations and complex emotions that arise in healthcare settings. The VidaTalk app offers an intuitive interface and empathetic design that enables sensitive responses and allows patients to articulate their needs and emotions. A tool for building emotional intelligence, VidaTalk transforms healthcare dialogues into empathetic connections. It’s not just about being able to speak; it’s about being understood and being able to share the feelings and perspectives that define the patient’s experience.

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1 Choi J, Tate JA. Evidence-based communication with critically ill older adults. Crit Care Clin; 37:233-49, 2021.