Evidence based care solutions that benefit both patient and provider

Beyond bridging speech and language gaps, VidaTalk promotes equitable care by giving every patient the power to express themselves fully

Instantly Communicate

Instantly communicate using easy touchscreen menu options, including typing and finger drawing options

Quickly Determine Patient Needs

Quickly determine if the patient needs a translator or has a straightforward bedside request

Increase Patient Advocacy

Increase patient advocacy by empowering individuals to express their concerns, preferences, and symptoms accurately, promoting a patient-centered approach to care

Clear Communication Channels

Set patient famlies at ease with immediate and clear communication channels, ensuring they stay informed and involved in their loved one’s care journey

Avoid Adverse Events

Avoid higher risks of adverse events with an all-in-one language access solution for LEP and AAC patients

Enhance Patient Care and Operational Efficiency

Minimize extended hospital stays and staff time, redirecting resources for enhanced patient care and operational efficiency

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How VidaTalk Works

Watch our 4 minute video to learn how to use VidaTalk with your patients

Frequently Asked Questions

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