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"The EZ Board Empowers Patient-Centered Care: What 'Patient-Centered' Should Mean" [a Health Affairs web exclusive], Dr. Berwick states, "I fear to become a patient. Partly, that fear comes from what I know about technical hazards and lack of reliability in care. What chills my bones is indignity. It is the loss of influence on what happens to me. It is the image of myself in a hospital gown, homogenized, anonymous, powerless, no longer myself." The EZ board helps nursing staff and families to provide individualized care, to treat the patient based on their needs and puts control back into the hands of the patient.  Patient-centered care has been shown to increase patient satisfaction, decreased length of stay, decrease medical error, increase survival, increase staff/faculty retention and increase market share.  In addition to the EZ Board, we have provided the ICU Patient Centered Rounds Sheet, another strategy to help incorporate patient communication as a core component of patient-centered care and make this routine practce. click here

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For Medicare insurance claims, use HCPCS Code E1902.

"The WORST part of our experience was the inability to communicate with our daughter once she couldn't speak, playing the "guessing game" or asking everything we could think of to get a response. Hoping we were able to get answer correct and get her what she needed. If the hospital had had the EZ-Board, we would have been able to communicate SO much easier and it would have alleviated an incredible amount of stress from all of us. Thanks so much for creating such a worthwhile product. It's ridiculous that nobody has thought of this before."
—Parents of a patient