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SPEACS-2 Communication Skills Training

Take an evidence-based approach to make the greatest impact with the communication resources you deploy by completing the online SPEACS-2 Program!

Learners will be able to apply cognitive, sensory, and motor assessment findings to select appropriate strategies and low tech assistive communication tools to facilitate comprehension and expression of messages among nonvocal patients.

BEST NURSING PRACTICE as described in Lindgren & Ames (2005), Henneman, Dracup, Ganz, Molayeme & Cooper (2001) & (2002) for mechanically ventilated patients can reduce sedation exposure and improve outcomes for critically-ill patients, including incidence of delirium, length of stay and ventilator free days.

A physician who conducted a recent study with the EZ Board reached out to us and shared the following:

"While completing our study, I witnessed the relief your communication board provided many patients. In the chaotic world of the Surgical ICU, the EZ Board was a very powerful tool that enabled patients to have a voice and communicate with their loved ones and care providers. Thank you for your work to create such a useful product."

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