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Marketing Opportunities

PROMOTE your critical care or emergency care products with the Vidatak EZ Board.
If you have a drug, product or device that you sell in the critical care or emergency healthcare environment, the Vidatak EZ Board™ is the perfect promotional tool for you. Priced equivocal to other promotional products, you will actually be providing healthcare facilities a device that improves patient outcomes and improves quality of care.

Promoting with Vidatak is aligned with the new pharma marketing guidelines, and is one of the most innovative and pro-patient options available. Let us reinforce your company's partnership as one serving to improve patient outcomes. Let Vidatak support your company's more compassionate, pro-active, pro-patient image.

Vidatak can customize the EZ Boards with your company’s branding and logo. The boards can be translated into any language for domestic or international use. Vidatak Promotional Communication Boards not only will uniquely market your critical care or emergency medicine products but will improve the quality of care for patients as well! Patients, family members, and healthcare providers will all love this giveaway and will reinforce your position as a compassionate, pro-active, and pro-patient healthcare company.

By providing you with a high visibility, patient focused communication tool, you have the opportunity to position your brand with patients and health-care decision makers alike. Vidatak is committed to providing the highest quality patient communication tools and we welcome other like minded partners to co-brand our products.

To see an example of how you can brand our EZ Board products click here.

"I wish that my hospital had this product for a jaw surgery that I had last week. As I was awakening from anesthesia, my nurse kept prodding me with complicated questions and then kept asking me to repeat myself because she couldn’t understand what I was trying to say...  (I was actually pleading for her to leave me alone.) A drugged up patient, just awakening from jaw surgery – hard to comprehend...  Go figure...  The idea for this product came to me there and then, unfortunately after researching the internet a bit, I see that you beat me to the punch. I hope that your product is helping many out there."