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ICU Board
A vital interface tool for the ICU patient and provider

Vidatak launched its first product, the ICU EZ Board, to provide an innovative and affordable solution to patient communications for critical care situations. Designed by Physicians and tested on real patients in hospital settings, the ICU EZ Board is the only evidence-based, patient designed communications board available today. This revolutionary product allows ICU personnel to obtain critical information from non-verbal and non-English speaking patients who are in one of the many phases of ICU care. When used with a patient care provider, this tool provides immediate feedback from the patient, allowing for more effective and focused care and reducing the communications issues that can sub-optimize the ICU experience. By providing the ICU EZ Board to patients unable to communicate using verbal means, the patient is able to update his or her status in real time without any loss of effectiveness.
Connect with your patient. Make the difference
      by understanding what they are trying to tell you.